Wedding Ceremonies

Magda Palmer

"Love has no perimeter, it can be penetrated from all sides: It's only defence is its depth"- Magda Palmer Cordingley.

I write wedding ceremonies because I am devoted to marriage.

Marriage builds a strong and caring community where future generations will have positive values nurtured. Marriage increases the scope of responsibility, but also adds the dimension of love to life, giving it a new meaning and purpose. When seen as a spiritual journey, marriage expands one's ability to love, and the world benefits.

I enjoy producing the beautiful theatre of the wedding through a ceremony, where a couple's values and honest emotions are on display, where there is a public affirmation by the Bridal Couple of the bond they feel and desire to spend the rest of their lives together as husband and wife.

A ceremony may be traditional, romantic or unique, with a few people as the couple their witnesses and Celebrant or religious identity, but for couples with family, it is often important that they are included in the service, adding family declaration of support for the marriage. Family and Friend inclusions add significant emotional depth to the ceremony while helping to establish stable relationships and to see the newlyweds as they are in their new role as husband and wife. I believe that too often the kinship of parents, grandparents and children is overlooked.

With every ceremony, I design an "Order of Service and Ceremony" that couples have printed as keepsakes for their wedding guests and as a readable alternative to the (too often de-personalised) P.A. system.

I will help the couple choose their music and flowers, to plan all aspects of their ceremony and help manage difficult situations if they emerge, but I am not a Wedding Planner and have no personal or business connections with wedding venues or Celebrants. I confer with the person presiding over the wedding to include beliefs of that faith and the law of the land.

The average cost of your personal ceremony will depend on hours spent writing and perhaps re-writing as the wedding party grows in numbers.

Finally, I fervently believe the marriage ceremony is not only the beginning of a new journey for two people but also the starting point and basis for a strong, enduring and very special friendship.

The Importance of Ceremonies.

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