Birth of the Feng Shui Dragon

Magda Palmer Cordingley

From the creative (Yang) and the receptive (Yin) emerge The Ten Thousand Things”

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According to Chinese folklore, at a time before the beginning, there existed a motionless cosmic egg .

From the far away deep, there was chaos in the heavens. Through turbulence the egg spun faster and faster, gathering momentum until it split into light and dark. The halves flowed in curved malleability. A seed from the dark side flew into the light and a seed from the light entered the dark. When the egg stabilized Yin and Yang were born, a dynamic, dual force that created our planet forming day and night and separating all things into positive & negative. The seeds ensured that every Yin contained some Yang, and each Yang- a touch of Yin.

Yin/Yang symbol is called a “Taijitu” (pronounced tai ji tu). It is the diagram of all matter, all life. which derives itself from the harmonious interaction of opposites.

Together Yin/Yang represent all contrasts such as cause effect, stillness & movement, war & peace, plus the attraction & repellent energies of a magnet. Yin Yang are the dualism that exists in everything, from the protons & electrons that together form an atom, to the creative & receptive ability of our sun to develop atomic fuel with which to stoke its own furnace. Yin/Yang represent the balancing forces of the universe that see-saw eternally. The marriage of Yin and Yang flow into all beings-male and female.

Yin Yang principles are the very heart of Feng Shui.

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"Powerful Dreams Inspire Powerful Action. When you can taste, smell, and touch your dreams, you can enrol the world."

- Jonathan Lockwood Huie- author of self-awareness books, known as a Philosopher of Happiness.