Eight Point System

Magda Palmer Cordingley

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Tibetan Monks taught this system to US soldiers as a reward for saving them from torturous deaths. Because the monks wore tall, black hats to keep their heads warm, the Eight Point System is also known as "The Black Hat Diagnostic School".

More often used by itself or in conjunction with the Compass School, the eight points may be applied to a desk, a room, a business, a home, a block of land, a country or a planet. The locations of the points always remain the same in both southern & northern hemispheres, because right & left positions are set, meaning if you were to move from one side of the equator to the other, your left foot would be where it was before you travelled.

To find the location of the eight points (using your home as an example), sketch an outline plan including its main entry point.

Divide the plan, as shown above, turn the plan until the main entrance is directly in front of your body as if you were standing outside looking in.It is important to understand that original Chinese houses more usually only had one entrance whereas we of Western culture often have many.

If many people use a variety of doors, your "Main" entrance should be the door used most by the parents of a family. In business it is the door customers/clients enter through. Applied to your desk the "Door" is where you sit, at a kitchen bench the door is where the chief cook generally stands.

The extra square is five, the central number between one & nine, ruled by Mother Earth who is not a life ambition but the heart & centre of the grid. Honour her presence with yellow or brown, square, broad, flat shapes preferably in clay or metal & an often lit candle.

Feng Shui potency lies in it’s precise art of placement-furniture & ornaments, plants, mirrors, bells & chimes, the correct use of colours, shapes, numbers, materials, objects & the circulation of air. Sounds too hard? Its not.

Begin with plan in middle for colouring, numbers & shapes, placing an item at the point where I've placed the shapes. Start with Wood, the traditional element for Health, Family & Abundance. Wood is represented by the colours green & turquoise. The shape of Wood is rectangular & stronger in upright position. At the Money Point place 4 items, at the Health Point, 3.

Now use your imagination of the other seven Ambitions. At the outer edge & centre of "Fire" you could place 9 small pyramids in a combustible material, not metal as it takes much heat to melt and that would exhaust Fire. No water please because water will weaken your Fire Point.

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