The Healing Power of Crystals

Magda Palmer Cordingley

New Edition 2013 The Healing Power of Crystals

Birthstones and Their Celestial Partners

True healers, mystics and shamans know that individual stones have unique properties which can be aids to healing, knowledge, mediation, protection, and to attract the law of supply, harmony and romance.

Surely birthstones should express the strength of their corresponding heavenly bodies yet the myriad lists of birthstones have got out of hand and those who advise can’t give any valid explanations as to their choice, although some say they were given the information through meditation or were channelled. Then there is the list of so called traditional birthstones created by the American Jewellers Association to financially benefit the jewellery industry which grows when a new gemstone is found. Armed with this knowledge it is blatantly obvious we must start from scratch to give credence to this beloved and most important subject. To begin we should study our major heavenly bodies which contain a vast astronomical treasure house of gasses, colours, weights, and strengths.

Part One of The Healing Power of Crystals deals with the History of Birthstones and facts to date (early 2013) of the major celestial bodies in our Solar System.

This is an important read for those who study healing through connection to planetary vibrations because each gemstone, rock and crystals has a unique energy directly linked to its chemical composition and internal structure, just as the composition and structure of celestial bodies emit cosmic forces gained through their inherent state of being. With our appropriate birthstones we can focus ourselves, enhance positive objectives, and travel our Tao taking the most exhilarating paths. It is important to know the harmonious numbers traditional numerology has given to each of our solar system planets and our moon. Beginning with our Sun=1, our planet’s Moon=2, Jupiter=3, Uranus=4, Mercury=5, Venus=6, Neptune=7, Saturn= 8, Mars=9. Pluto, on account of its relatively recent discovery (1930), has no traditional number.

Part Two of The Healing Power of Crystals lists jewels, talisman and bedside rocks alongside their heavenly partners according to astrological houses and their mutable planets.

Certain numerological associations will be mentioned from time to time, in connection with the Mohs scale of hardness (used by gemologists). It will be pointed out, for example, that Diamonds, with a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale, are linked with the Sun (1+0=1) as well as with Neptune, on which these jewels are thought to proliferate. Pink Sapphire (hardness 9) corresponds with Mars (astrological number 9); Peridot (hardness 5) goes with Mercury (astrological number 5); and so on.To take Aries as an example: although its main ruler is Mars, its first half has strong overtones of the Sun while the second has a subsidiary influence in Jupiter; likewise the Mercury ruled house of Gemini has overtones of Venus in the first half with a Uranian influence in the second. Yet is it not true that the only stones you can usefully wear are those astrologically matched with your planet. Nobody is under the rule of one celestial body alone. We are a mixture of many elements, and everything that goes on in our solar system affects everything that happens on Earth, in one way or another. So relax. Let your stones work for you, however “passive” you or they may seem. If you want to be busy, the best thing you can do is to '”orchestrate” your collection of stones, composing them into beautiful groupings, patterns of interesting colours and shapes. That way, they will work on each other and on you at the same time.

Part Three of The Healing Power of Crystals takes in general knowledge which the reader may not be familiar with.

This includes the difference between a mineral and mineraloid, why some minerals are referred to as rocks, others as stones and others as crystals and gemstones, and the Mohs scale of hardness. It is also explained that the colour in gemstones is itself a further paradox, for with one or two exceptions (notably Tourmaline and Opal) those glorious tints which add so much to pleasure and price are the result not of some natural grand design but of accidental impurities, a small change in structure or irradiation. (Amethyst, for instance, is basically Rock Crystal, its purple tint caused by an impurity in the form of iron.) To be distinguished from colour is lustre, which depends on reflection and the nature of a stone's surface. Turquoise has a waxy lustre, Diamonds, Topaz and Zircon have a hard lustre, and Moonstones appear silky, and so on. This section also tells why some gemstones have more value than others, mostly depends on their beauty, rarity and durability, but can also depend on world control by some dealers. For beauty, rarity and durability we must thank nature's magic, for she manages to make the most glittering and glorious stones out of the commonest basic materials. A Diamond is no more than compressed and aged common carbon. The most famous mineral of all, Rock Crystal, is simply a clear variety of quartz, made up of two of the world's most abundant substances, silicon and oxygen. Rubies and Sapphires are a mixture of aluminium and oxygen, with traces of different metals, inclusions or irradiation causing their colour variations.

Part Four of The Healing Power of Crystals covers a great deal of healing techniques and how to enhance those techniques with appropriate minerals.

Subjects covered are Precious Health and Precious Stones, Attuning your mind to Crystal, Absent Healing, minerals to enhance Chakra and Energy Points, energy through colour, Polarity Therapy, Care and cleansing of mineral types, Esoteric cleansing, and meditation using minerals. Careful choice gained through knowledge will enhance the beneficial, automatic action of all minerals and mineraloids. Cut or uncut their atomic structure and chemical composition does not change because it cannot.

Part Five lists healing stones through the ages, glossary of healing stones through the ages, anniversary stones and Angel Stones according to Medieval Studies.

Part five also gives a synopses of the vision of Tantanka-Ohitika in regard to sacred stones. For an idea on the popularity of this book go to previous editions


"A powerful and positive book anchored in sound knowledge and research. An enduring classic text it offers humanity valuable insights for healing and vibrant well-being"...

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