Poem, Song and Art by Magda Palmer Cordingley

WindRose is an Epic Poem that stands by itself,

WindRose is a new-work ensemble theatre piece combining the poetry, song, artwork and acting,

WindRose is also a Symphonic Opera that had its first performance with Darwin Symphony Orchestra in 2009.

WindRose has been published as a softcover, fully illustrated book in full colour available through Amazon, Kindle and through this website.

WindRose has been described as "Everybody's Love Story".

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I began writing and illustrating WindRose on the west coast of Scotland, continued it on the east coast in megalithic tombs, Glastonbury and London. WindRose illustrations and the poem were finalised in Australia in NSW along the banks of the Hawkesbury River, in the Blue Mountains and at Port Stephens. Final editing happened in The Northern Territory at traditionally sacred places-Wangi Falls and Berry Springs.

Extract from WindRose;

Thinking pensively on past,

Drear, hard-working, lonely past;

Knowing infinite dejection

Not one happy recollection, feeling this divine creation

Primed my numbed imagination;

Like a newborn land in desert,

Chaste infertile, virgin desert

Wetted with the first time rain

Quaffs each drop with guiltless blame;

Faster than the famed chameleon,

Powerful in lush profusion,

Sang my movements to his song,

Luscious movements, arched and long;

Circling arms in him dissolving,

Rippling, rolling, round revolving,

Bending to his wanton urging,

Upward surging, fearless merging.

"Absence is to love as wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small and kindles the great''. Roger de Rabutin, Comte de Bussy (13/04/1618 - 09/04/1693), also known as Bussy-Rabutin, was a French memoir-writer.