Eight Point

Magda Palmer

"My Feng Shui" available soon in Paperback and Ebook.

Have you missing points in your home, business, land?

Irregular architecture is overcome by installing a light, attaching chimes to an arch or, & this suggestion is only if the missing corner is not behind a bedroom, by placing a large mirror on one of the inside walls.

If your Money Point is missing, as in the above plan, energise by adding a rectangular wooden table with 4 chairs, a fish pond housing 4 red coloured fish or goldfish, a separate bowl with 4 golden coins wrapped in red cloth & a rectangular, green-blue pot containing a very healthy plant. Nothing metal except the coins because this is a Wood Element area.

To energise the missing space near the Marriage Point & Creativity place two items such as two birds, a square cement table & 2 stools, or a small iron table & 2 stools-wooden items are never used at the Marriage Point because Wood weakens Earth as do water features. No mirrors here because Earth is Yin and mirrors attract Yang. All bedrooms are Yin and numbers in bedrooms should be in sets of 2. two teddies on a bed, 2 chairs & 2 lamps. If you plant a garden here plants must have shallow roots. Treat your garden, your land and your business using The Eight Point System in Feng Shui.

Missing Points usually mean weakness in the ambition of that point. If a loo, bathroom or laundry are on any points, negativity in often in that area. In the above plan the inhabitants would probably lack abundance & need more togetherness with their partner or may lack a partner or soul mate.

"Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain". Carl Gustav Jung (1875 – 1961) Swiss psychiatrist, & founder of analytical psychology.