The Eight Ambitions of Life

Magda Palmer

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About 4,500 years ago Fu Hsi, the legendary king of China, saw a turtle emerge from the Lo Shu (Yellow River) with a pattern of nine squares etched into its shell, each segment containing a different number.

The arrangement of the numbers fell in such a way that whether they were added horizontally, vertically or diagonally, the result was always fifteen, the exact number of days the moon needs to wax from new to full, complimentary to the Chinese Lunar calendar.

Understanding this parallel to embrace higher wisdom sages fused this pattern now named " Lo Shu Grid" over plans of their homes. Each area was dedicated to one of life's eight ambitions which are;

  1. Career (work prospects and life’s journey "the Tao"

  2. Marriage (a blissful marriage, soul mates & business partners)

  3. Health & a united family

  4. Abundance (often referred to as Money)

  5. The centre is number 5, but as the centre is the hub around which everything turns it is not an "Ambition"

  6. Friends (communication, networking, helpful people, mentors & travel)

  7. Luck of Children & Creativity

  8. Knowledge (study and meditation)

  9. Reputation (fame & the ability to build fame)

You may well ask why are there only eight "Ambitions" when there are nine numbers? The answer is simple. The centre (number five)is is the wheel around which everything turns, so the centre cannot be an ambition for it is the nurturing energy to all ambitions.

"To become vegetarian is to step into the stream which leads to nirvana"-The Buddha (c. 560-480 BC)