Bunyip Keep

Australian Pantomime by Magda Palmer Cordingley

Bullies Never Win!

Bunyip Keep is a lively Pantomime designed for family entertainment, written in traditional British style. Included is a score of twelve musical numbers, gags and slapstick comedy. Bunyip keep contains a critical message “Bullies Can’t Win”. It promotes positive behaviour, wisdom, and loyalty. Bunyip Keep is uniquely modern featuring Australian characters and is not based on a preconceived or familiar European fairy tale.


Bunyip must keep his ancestral promise to the Rainbow Serpent to keep peace, but he is up against an ambitious Tick that wishes to control the world through bullying and war.

Plot Summary

Under the leadership of the giant Tick, Mountain Devils and Banksias declare war against the poetry-loving Bunyip who refuses to fight and must find a solution to avoid conflict. A powerful Medicine Man calls on a gentle warrior and a good queen to help Bunyip and his friends. Thanks to wisdom, a clever, creepy plan is hatched and Bunyip's camp is victorious. The Mountain Devils, Banksias and Ticks relent their bad ways and promise to in future uphold the truth, help the needy and from then on live honest lives without greed. They learn that bullies are losers.

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Bunyip Keep Score is uniquely Australian, but as always choice of music is a Company and Musical Director's prerogative. Go to Score

Bunyip Keep is a complete Pantomime script including suggestions for backdrops, props, an inexpensive or outrageous wardrobe, sound effects and well researched and correct information on the Rainbow Serpent, Bunyips, Fleetfoot the Medicine Man, Tasmanian Devils, Banksia Men and Ticks to be included in the program if the company director decides to do so. More information please go to Contact Me

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“You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.”

Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde -6 October 1854 –30 November 1900-Irish poet and playwright.