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WindRose is a rich tapestry in rhyming couplet which tells of wanton romance experienced by the the Wind Goddess and a Paper Bird, the bird's devotion founded on his absolute reliance on the wind for mobility, and the wind for the purpose to life given by the bird. Yet, as many who have experienced a great love affair know, the original, magical balance can be lost if one partner dotes too much and the other takes advantage of that devotion.

WindRose is the ultimate love story that often parallels with the reader's experience, a heavenly union which happens only once in a lifetime - an Akashic journey which travels one's mind through emotions felt only by those who have loved deeply, and whose heart, spirit and body has fused exquisitely with another's.

WindRose is fully illustrated with colour plates and a musical number titled "A Highland Lament", lyrics and melody by Magda Palmer, arranged by Ifor James.

For WindRose, the Darwin Symphony Orchestra commissioned Cathy Applegate to compose music for symphony orchestra and voice incorporating Magda's Palmer's "A Highland Lament" which was premiered by the Darwin Symphony Orchestra in 2007.

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Since the day the first edition of The Healing Power of Crystals blazed it's trail into the annals of alternative medicine, orthodox medicine itself has changed dramatically. Unfortunately the subject matter started a plethora of copycat "authors" who make a living re-writing a best selling book, changing parts they pick up here and there, calling the study their own, then flooding the market with misinformation. The title "The Healing Power of Crystals" has also been grabbed and used to label articles,beauty salons and even a very badly informed book using the same title. My Healing Power of Crystals took nine years to research using evidence from genuine people working in the healing field associated with various religious beliefs, medical practises and an animal healing clinic. During that time I also studied Gemmology, studied constantly in the library of The Royal Astronomical Society/London, and conferred with both eastern and western astrologers.

Go to The Healing Power of Crystals for information on Birthstones, how they came about, who has chosen them and why they seldom have any affinity with the wearer. Cover is "Kiss Pin", an enchanting broach by Elizabeth Gage.

My Feng Shui is Written with clarity and easily understood. It deals with popular diagnostic methods and explains and simplifies the antidotes which are often confusing to the Western mind. My Feng Shui guides the reader through a realm of ancient Chinese wisdom where a feather can be as powerful as a white tiger, where dragons, bells and crystals reside with the turtle.

Being a Crystal Guru who has studied Gemmology and one who taught both Crystal Healing and Aromatherapy in Adult Education, Magda Palmer has evolved the sometimes overpowering antidotes such as incense sticks (usually comprising a mix of sulphur and wood) into delightfully fragrant essential oil combinations (recipes in book) and replaced common good luck charms with Herculean tools-minerals and crystals-chosen for their chemical compositions and natural harmony with the eight life ambitions. The Gardening Feng Shui section has easy to follow advice while the Chinese Horoscope is detailed and eye opening. The Horoscope is not part of Feng Shui, but is related because it is traditional for that part of our planet.

Feng Shui s a collective intelligence of Chinese sages through the centuries and, if it is understood that the prosperity of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore has been based on and nurtured by the practice of Feng Shui, any doubt regarding the validity of this ancient craft must cease to exist. Then compare the close-knit unity of eastern families against their fragmented western counterparts, and it is obvious we must activate this wisdom to attract the enrichment we need to make our life's journey as pleasant as possible. Feng Shui is not a religion,but a way of life to be practised as an art. It is older than written history and can be traced to the Zhoo Dynasty c. 1027-221 BCE, an 800 year period noted for enlarging the Chinese empire and promoting philosophy.

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