Magda Palmer Cordingley

WindRose is an epic poem in rhyming couplet.

It tells of a wanton romance between the goddess of wind and a paper bird, the bird’s devotion founded on his reliance on the wind for mobility and the wind for the purpose of life. Yet, as many who have experienced a great love affair know, the magical balance is lost if one partner takes advantage of the other’s constancy.

WindRose is the ultimate love story. It more often parallels with a readers personal experience of a heavenly union that journied through emotions felt only by those who have the ability to love deeply, whose heart, spirit and body have fused exquisitely with another.

Windrose is illustrated by Magda Palmer with colour plates and includes “A Highland Lament: lyrics and melody by Magda Palmer arranged by Ifor James.

For WindRose, Martin Jarvis, founder and then artistic director of the Darwin Symphony Orchestra commissioned composer Cathy Applegate to write a full musical score for orchestra and voice incorporating the melody line of A Highland Lament. In 2007 this work was premiered to an audience of 1,000 who gave the performance a standing ovation.

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Since its first edition in 1990, when The Healing Power of Crystals blazed its trail into the annals of alternative medicine, orthodox medicine itself has changed dramatically.

Unfortunately, this book started a plethora of copycat "authors" who make a living re-writing a best selling book, changing words and minerals here and there, generally flooding the market with misinformation. The title "The Healing Power of Crystals" has also been grabbed and used to label articles, beauty salons, and even a copycat title to a very poorly informed book.

The Healing Power of Crystals took nine years to compile and write. My research was conducted using evidence from practitioners working with adults, children and animals. During that time, I took Gemmology, studied in the library of The Royal Astronomical Society/London, and conferred with both eastern and western astrologers and numerologists.

The Healing Power of Crystals lists gemstones and talismans matched by chemicals, structure, water content, etc., to heavenly bodies. So-called "Birthstones" sold in jewellery have nothing to do with planetary harmony. The American Jewellers Association chose them to boost sales in the jewellery industry. Their list grows with the discovery of a new gem, so that is why most jewellery shop birthstones have no affinity with the wearer.

My Feng Shui was written with clarity and is easily understood. The pages deal with popular diagnostic methods while explaining and simplifying the antidotes, cures and enhancements, which are often confusing to the Western mind.

My Feng Shui guides the reader through a realm of ancient Chinese wisdom where a feather can be as powerful as a white tiger, where dragons, bells and crystals reside with the turtle.

The prosperity of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore has been based on and nurtured by Feng Shui. Compare the close-knit unity of eastern families against their fragmented western counterparts. Any doubt regarding the validity of this social science must cease to exist. We must activate the art of Feng Shui placement to attract the enrichment needed to make our life journey as pleasant and as full of abundance as possible.

Feng Shui is not a religion but a form of art. It is older than written history and traced to the Zhou Dynasty; an 800 year period noted to enlarge the Chinese empire and promote philosophy.

My Feng Shui is available in Hardcover, Paperback and Ebook.

Paper Sparrow Synopsis:

Paper Sparrow is a historical novel inspired by real-life events, Australia 1943 to 1955. PEGGY is born to circumstances that deny her opportunities afforded to others. Before her thirteenth birthday, she has no choice but to work as a Nursing Aide in a home for the elderly. Aged fourteen, Peggy is drugged and raped. She travels from Sydney to Melbourne to see out her pregnancy without family or financial support. Her dark journey reveals a massive baby farming industry, untold sufferings, and life-long consequences to thousands of post-WWII victims-single women. Their babies are now known as The Stolen White Generations. Peggy's core conflict comes from her necessary involvement with a network of welfare officers and medical teams, all fuelled by monetary greed. Torment, near-slavery, and degradation are encouraged through social bigotry.

She meets PETER, a man of the cloth, BINEHAM, a master of Chinese psychology and LILY, a welfare officer fighting for social justice. They foster her potential and lighten her journey. Peggy's baby is kidnapped from the birthing table and sold to a couple who have a ruthless plan to forbid Peggy to approach her child legally. This action leads Peggy to incite reform through civil society to end social prejudice against single mothers and their children.

Paper Sparrow appeals to a wide readership because it is an immersive work that encompasses a variety of themes and champions the power of self-discovery.

"A picture gallery is a dull place for a blind man"-Don Juan, Act III, a five-act 1665 comedy by Molière