Magda Palmer Cordingley

more art

Magda Palmer Cordingley- "Anne Helen My Sister" pen, ink & watercolour.

Magda Palmer Cordingley-"The importance of being an Emu"-graphite & water colour

Magda Palmer Cordingley-"The Gift"-graphite Magda Palmer Cordingley-"Tom Fish"-pastels

Magda Palmer Cordingley- "Cassowary Concert"-pen,ink,water colours Magda Palmer Cordingley-"Brolga Ballet"-pen,ink,water colours

Magda Palmer Cordingley-"Free as a Breeze"-pen,ink,water colours Magda Palmer Cordingley- "Sea Eagle"-acrylic

Magda Palmer Cordingley-"Secret Place"-pen,ink,water colours

"Let peace on earth be inspired through art. This can only begin when we cease the animal holocaust, as we shunned the human holocaust at the end of WW 11.

The fact that an identity can experience suffering terminates all questions regarding the moral standing of torture and cruelty".

-Magda Palmer Cordingley-Artist, poet, author.