Dragon's Breath
Also called "Chi"

 The combined energies of Yin Yang gave birth to the dragon whose breath is called 'Chi' (pronounced "chee"). 
Chi is the heartbeat of the universe, the body of the cosmos, the ebb and flow of life's seasons. It is the vital essence of an electric storm, the voice of thunder, the song of the valley. Chi is seen dancing on ocean waves, in swirling clouds & circling birds. It is felt in soft rain when it touches our skin. Chi threads its path through our emotions, our fortunes, our love life.
Chi is composed of five "traditional" Chinese elements. 
They are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, each with an individual Yin Yang balance depicted in individual combinations of three parallel broken and/or unbroken lines, one above the other. Yin is a broken line__ __ while Yang is solid_____
Each element has its own colours, shape/s, number/s, character/s & season. Each element generates another: Fire generates Earth, Earth generates Metal, Metal makes Water, Water feeds Wood and Wood generates Fire. The elements are set in an unbroken circle, the one before nourishing the one after in constant order. 
Feng Shui practitioners use this order of generation to strengthen a weak area of a home individuals & business, to promoteharmony, health & abundance. 
Traditional elements are also employed to negate or balance excess of dominant energies.