by Magda Palmer Cordingley
WindRose is an Akashic journey which travels one's mind through emotions felt only by individuals who have loved deeply, and by those whose heart, spirit and body
has fused exquisitely with another's.

Available Soft cover and Kindle
Since the day the first edition of The Healing Power of Crystals blazed it's trail into the annals of Alternative Medicine, orthodox medicine itself has changed dramatically.

Available Soft cover and Kindle
Available Soft Cover and Kindle 
Written with clarity 'My Feng Shui' guides the reader through a realm of Chinese wisdom where a feather can be as powerful as a tiger, where dragons, bells and crystals reside with the turtle. Featured is the art of placement, aromatherapy, garden layouts, dowsing with a pendulum and correct information of natural gemstones and crystals. 
Feng Shui s a collective intelligence of sages through the centuries and, if it is understood that the prosperity of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore has been based on and nurtured by the practice of Feng Shui, any doubt regarding the validity of this ancient craft must cease to exist. Then compare the close-knit unity of eastern families against their fragmented western counterparts, and it is obvious we must activate this wisdom to attract the enrichment we need to make our life's journey as pleasant as possible.