Australian Bush Poetry

Tally Ho The Hunt of The Blue Mountain Devil 
by Magda Palmer Cordingley 

It’s Tally-ho from England, the hunt is on the way
To the sun kissed Land of The Southern Cross (as Australia’s called today);
They forget the convicts sent there two hundred years before,
They think they were long buried near the sands of the golden shore.

They’re coming to hunt the devil found in the mountains blue,
Somewhere near Katoomba, with preposterous ballyhoo;
Old men in ballooning breeches, little red hats and whips,
They’re bound to startle our horses and make them swallow their bits!

So the relatives of the convicts sent out by the likes of them
Decided to play a practical joke on this toffee-nosed clutch of men;
For a guide they hired Maggie’s lad whose dad was widely known
As “The man from Snowy River who rode the stallion home”.


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