A Taste of my Poetry
Amusing, Documentary, Romantic, Bush Poetry, Challenging & Epic Tales. 

Poetry is the heart-beat & core of all literature. It is the rhythm of life & truth incarnate of the writer. Poetry has music but no written notes, a plethora of colours visible to the mind & although works of new poets are never printed or distributed by leading publishing houses & apparently shunned by book distributers, all people honour all poets of worth.
Since the age of five I have written poetry and songs. Some have been published in compilations with works of other writers/composers, but mainly I have just kept writing. As a child I made pocket money by winning poetry competitions and as a student I often survived by ghost writing other people's personalised poems for special occasions.
I adore reading my own and other poet's work in public situations. While working in the UK I was usually the only Australian chosen to read modern lyrical Welsh poems on St David's Day, an honour seldom bestowed on a stranger. When I worked in Scotland every cell in my body blazed with the need to write poem after poem. Here's an amusing piece which may challenge your thinking.

Lure of the Gechoes by Magda Palmer Cordingley

Little Geckos on the wall
ain’t you got no clothes at all?
Not a shimmy or a shammy,
no Akubra or a Tammy?
Perhaps you live in shades of Eden 
where no-one asks these burning questions-
Ain’t you hot or ain’t you cold
and don’t you think you’re rather bold
to show your all and each intention, 
all certain things we do not mention?
But then again you’re not afraid 
to let the world know how you’re made;
Should humans learn your inner sense
and live their lives in innocence?
Oh little geckos on the wall 
you’ve challenged me to overhaul 
my way of life; I’ll think it through 
then maybe copy what you do;
Romp in the raw on the walls and ceiling
and relish an exquisite feeling
Of just being me as was meant to be,
free from the rules of society.