Feng Shui Passion

Foremost thanks to my life—long friend Diana Altman who introduced me to I. Ching—The Book of Changes—which origin goes back to mythical antiquity, and is at the heart of Chinese wisdom and philosophy. 
After fifteen years of studying the I Ching with its dynamic balance of opposites and evolution of events as a process, I was totally prepared for Feng Shui when the time came.

My Feng Shui journey began after being savagely attacked by two strangers in a London Park. I had, at the time, been cast as leading lady in a fabulous production that should have seen my acting career flourish in ways I had only dreamed of. The incident was a savage blow to my career and the months of recuperation and healing required for the disfigurement to my face left me at one of the low points of my life. An elderly Chinese lady came into my life and to my aid. Her name was Ma—Ku, named after the goddess associated with the elixir of life. In time she took me past the tragic event by sharing the gift of her family code of living—Feng Shui.
Through Ma—Ku I became acquainted with an ancient presence (some may call a ‘spirit Guru’) who still continues to support me by providing absolute clarity and insight into some of the more challenging aspects of Feng Shui as it relates to my life and those who seek me to help them.

Ma—Ku has left this world, but her precious gift has guided my path ever since.

For many years I shared Ma—Ku’s wisdom by teaching Feng Shui through Adult Education in NSW Hunter region. These workshops were well received. I have often utilized Feng Shui to help people, families and businesses, sometimes with the most perplexing problems. 

Many past students requested I publish a book based on notes from my courses, so my Feng Shui Manual, based on Ma—Ku’s teaching plus my Guru’s knowledge, has evolved into print for those who wish to understand, then encourage cycles of energy that can enrich our lives with prosperity, general well—being and bliss. 

Feng Shui is a truly profound, complex and intriguing art with many intricacies and interconnected ideas which I love and will continue to learn about and be inspired by until the day I die.