Poem, song "Highland Lament" and Art by Magda Palmer Cordingley

 WindRose has three faces;
WindRose is an Epic Poem which stands by itself,
WindRose is a new-work ensemble theatre piece combining the artistic elements of traditional style literature through the medium of poetry, song, artwork and acting,
WindRose is also a Symphonic Opera which had it’s first performance with Darwin Symphony Orchestra in 2009. 

WindRose as a hard or soft cover book in full colour and fully illustrated is available through Amazon and through this website.
WindRose has been described by critics as "Everybody's Love Story". 

WindRose vividly demonstrates creative power of togetherness which catapults the Wind and a paper bird from desperation through loneliness, to courtship, passion and a softer, idyllic romance which culminates in spiritual development and noble principles with far reaching objectives.

WindRose is an akashic journey travelling the mind through emotions felt only by those who have loved deeply, and by one whose heart, mind, spirit and body have blended with another’s.

I began writing and illustrating WindRose on the west coast sites of Scotland, continued it on east coast sites with remains of megalithic tombs, Glastonbury and London.

WindRose illustrations and poem were finalized in Australia in NSW along the banks of the Hawkesbury River, in the Blue Mountains and at Port Stephens. 

Final editing happened in The Northern Territory at traditionally sacred places-Wangi Falls and Berry Springs.